Monday, February 18, 2013

dead horse bay queens!

Dead horse bay sits just beyond the onramp to the Gil Hodges bridge
that connects the main land of Queens to the Rockaways. 
Never in the life of new york has it been deemed
suitable for any public use. There is a marina
nearby, but beyond the overgrowth is the
most pitifully alone and forgotten beach in new york city. 

What overwhelms a visitor most is likely the sheer number of glass bottles that
have washed up there over the last 100 years. The forgottenness of this place
is fairly awe inspiring. Though not truly forgotten, there is graffiti and other forms of art and homage present, and despite the hazard of broken glass it is not desolate enough to invoke a sense of imminent danger. It is however creepy enough to warrant going with a friend. 

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