Tuesday, October 30, 2012

jacks apt during height of hurricane sandy

there was no TV. there was no consistant internet.
we sat silently with our heads at the walls
in quiet disbelief as the radio sputtered out
flashes of desperate collapses and breaches.

by 10pm we were stirred and restlessly unable to do
anything to save our city.

Monday, October 22, 2012

the lovely rebecca

Below you will see as i have seen, rebecca. Though you will not
be as privileged as i, to have met her and to have drank her coffee.
These images are merely a catalogue, and an incomplete one at that,
of the many expressions that she can charm you with.  

it was impossible to get this panorama perfect. but i think i like it that way. i worked for a while on it, and got it aligned well enough that there is only one flaw, like a persian rug.  Can you find the flaw?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

starlight girls at Bowery Ballroom

This impromptu shoot marks the first time in my life where i shot a show at an ISO of 6400. i thought it rude to use my flash given the circumstances. the last thing i needed was to be a source of distraction. i suspected that the pics would turn out like pure shit, but am astounded that instead of absolutely dreadful, they only came out kinda crappy, but not insufferable. ive read about the nikon d5100's excellence in extreme low light, and can hereby testify to it.

please note: the B/W pic of jon phelps is shot with my ISO lowered back to 800.

*jon phelps is a badass


Monday, October 15, 2012


greenwood cemetary 360 panorama taken back in march:
-thinking of trying 360 panoramas w/ people

the only real challenge is making sure that the person is perfectly centered in frame
otherwise the stitcher will get confused and the pics wont line up right.

this 360 is at the ramble in central park back last winter.

its nakedness brings back vividly the depressed state i was in last winter.

that emotion seems as far away from me right now as if it had been many winters ago.