Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jandek: Live! march 23-26 2012

Ian Colletti is pleased to present to you at Vaudeville Park, on friday march 23, 2012, for one night only, but also again on monday, the music of JANDEK. scroll through these photographs, thumb through these pictures, and hear Jandek through my eyes.

the representative from corwood industries

     Jandek lost in music, Valerie lost in a televised dimension, like tron or something.

A brialliant consequence of L-vesptv was that Rachelle could watch
a live movie of herself projected at the back of the room. 
this is a picture of Rachelle noticing herself and being in awe. 



     Jandek notices the Vaudeville park sign is backwards. Ian ought to take care of that.

Scott and Victoria of Louis-vesptv cooking tv in the kicthen


                                           Michael and Valerie in the soup, on live television

 Ian(harp) and Michael (12 string fretless guitar)  

                   Ian Colletti, chairman of Vaudeville Park, personally asked me to take photos and then 
            had the audacity to flip me off when i got too close. 

Micheal Haffka andValerie are in the soup.

softer than satin was the light, from stars

                        Ian, ethan's levis, and some drums.

Che and Jandek

  Rachelle and Che pose like pros.


i dont know much about what justin was doing with the pliers near the PA. 
I trust him though. He is after all, a scientist.

the kids at the back of the audience, texting, contemplating.

this is ben after i told him a funny joke

i talked to Matthew Ledvina 'till he was blue in the face

victoria of louis-vesptv, wondering.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a lookback at the 3rd ave el train

Demolished in the mid 1950's, the 3rd ave el is a mere ghost in the memories of our most elderly new yorkers. In these films, the long lost 3rd Ave el is canonized as a charming rollercoaster, and it is more fitting in our imaginations as such, though from accounts of those who lived with the long lost el trains of new york, they were abrasively noisy, dangerous, and obsolete. it began in the late 1870's as part of the IRT (interboro rapid transit) and was later integrated into the subway system. its best use was for getting to the bronx. In fact, the bronx section of the 3rd ave el was in operation until the 1970's. the bronx service is what kept the 3rd ave El running past the 1930's. There were elevated lines on 6th ave, 9th ave, and even 2nd ave that were all put out of service and dismantled in the 1930's and early 40's.
(last days of 3rd ave el in bronx)

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