Monday, September 9, 2013


So i was in cape cod.  

just to look at cool old houses. 

...and stay in one!

I made this one look like a postcard. the secret is messing with the lightness and the saturation/tint

this was a door to the woods. 

if this were new york, some guy would try to horde these in a shopping cart 

maria taught me to fly a kite. thank god there are no pictures of me 
not being good at learning it. 

i think this picture sums up the laziness in which it was such a pleasure to conduct ourselves.

it freed our minds to look around and notice all the tiny wonderful details

endangered birds and sunsets and shit. 

the lonliest lifeguard

ian was there too

we looked at the ocean at one point

all american vacations will feature this type of picture. i will close with it. thank you. 

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